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Domain Information About Maladapted.com:

  • Current Registrar: GoDaddy
  • Registered Since: 2009
  • Keyword AdWords Global Monthly Searches (Approx.): 40,500!
  • A domain name is vital to the establishment of an online brand, to give your customers a convenient and easy-to-remember place to purchase products or to visit your website, and to greatly increase search engine visibility.
  • Domains listed here were chosen for clarity and search engine optimization purposes. Premium domains are generally priced in the thousands of dollars, but are on sale here for a limited time. You can hand-register a .com domain name for around $10, but many of the best domains are already taken.
  • You will become the only owner in the world of this domain, and you can also set up unlimited email addresses @maladapted.com as you want, if you configure the e-mail hosting settings to set them up.
  • Domain names are not case-sensitive, meaning that you can capitalize any letter in the domain and it will still resolve properly.
  • If the domain goes to expiration, dropcatching software used by various registrars will catch most quality domains within a millisecond of expiration, and then will charge much more than what the domain is priced at here. You can avoid this whole process and purchase it now.
  • There is no guarantee whether the value of a domain purchased will go up or down. The more that you develop your website on the domain, the higher the chance that the domain itself will increase in value, due to factors such as the acquisition of backlinks and increased traffic ratings.
  • Secure transaction to your registrar of choice (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)
  • This is the only maladapted.com in existence. Purchasing it here will cause it to be removed from availability from any other marketplace or website, and the name will be removed from this website, to promote anonymity for your new domain name. The first person to initiate and complete the transaction will become the owner of the domain. Don't let someone else get it before you!

A domain name may point to multiple IP addresses to provide server redundancy for the services offered, a feature that is used to manage the traffic of large, popular web sites.

Web hosting services, on the other hand, run servers that are typically assigned only one or a few addresses while serving websites for many domains, a technique referred to as virtual web hosting. Such IP address overloading requires that each request identifies the domain name being referenced, for instance by using the HTTP request header field Host:, or Server Name Indication.

Domain registration information is maintained by the domain name registries, which contract with domain registrars to provide registration services to the public. An end user selects a registrar to provide the registration service, and that registrar becomes the designated registrar for the domain chosen by the user.

Only the designated registrar may modify or delete information about domain names in a central registry database. It is not unusual for an end user to switch registrars, invoking a domain transfer process between the registrars involved, that is governed by specific domain name transfer policies.

When a registrar registers a com domain name for an end-user, it must pay a maximum annual fee of US$7.85 to VeriSign, the registry operator for com, and a US$0.18 annual administration fee to ICANN. Most domain registrars price their services and products to address both the annual fees and the administration fees that must be paid to ICANN. Barriers to entry into the bulk registrar industry are high for new companies without an existing customer base.

Many registrars also offer registration through reseller affiliates. An end-user registers either directly with a registrar, or indirectly through one or more layers of resellers. As of 2010, the retail cost generally ranges from a low of about $7.50 per year to about $35 per year for a simple domain registration, although registrars often drop the price far lower – sometimes even free – when ordered with other products such as web hosting services.

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